Cheryll Case


CP  Planning specializes in leading and supporting discussions around healthy community development. In order to understand how to meet current and future needs Cheryll Case assesses Community Priorities through both research and community outreach. In research she reviews literature (planning documents, journal articles, government studies and other resources) and performs geographic analysis to understand the demographic, economic, and development patterns that have an impact on community health. This work is greatly supported by her public outreach where she connects with a wide range of stakeholders including residents, affordable housing developers, supportive services, and professional institutions. As a result, Cheryll is able to develop nuanced diagnostics of planning issues and identify strategies for remediation.

Cheryll holds a Bachelor of Urban and Regional Planning from Ryerson University.

Professional Focus

Cheryll Case is a researcher and urban planner connecting non-profits, community groups, and professionals for a coordinated and informed approach to increasing the  supply of affordable housing. A complement to affordable housing, Cheryll also applies her skills to promote healthy communities. This includes studying and providing consultation for community amenities such as: transit access, park space, retail, recreation, jobs, and education.

Previous and Ongoing Clients Include:

Previous and Ongoing Clients Include:

  • Planning Consultants
  • Private Consultants
  • Community Organizations
  • Business Improvement Areas
  • Professional Associations
  • Non-profit Groups
  • Community Centres
  • Neighbourhood Associations